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Leather Bag

Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Leather Bag for Every Occasion

Leather is elegant and versatile, and if you know how to take care of and condition your leather bag properly, it will last a lifetime. Investing in a good, genuine leather bag can save you money in the long run and give you a staple piece suitable for all seasons. Discover how to choose the right leather bag perfect for your style and learn how to shop for leather bags online more safely.

What is the best leather bag for me?

How to choose the right bag? Simply consider your style, budget and intended use, and allow yourself to think outside of the box! Although a simple, timeless black or brown design can seem like the perfect addition to your wardrobe, maybe you’d wear more of a unique, colourful piece that brings you joy. The options are simply endless, so here are some of our best tips for choosing the perfect leather bag for ladies:

Consider functionality

Where and when do you plan to wear your leather bag? Most of us have a favourite bag that fits our everyday essentials without being too heavy or bulky. However, you might want to invest in a larger bag if you plan to use it for work, to do the school run or travel frequently. You can also change the straps for wider ones when you plan on adding weight!

Brown vs. black leather bags

That’s the debate! Modern techniques allow designers to dye their genuine leather bags in every colour under the sun, but black and brown are OG staples, as they combine well with every style and can withstand the coming and going of fashion trends. If you want to invest in a basic bag for everyday use, consider what colour shoes, clothes and accessories you wear and choose based on that – keep in mind that brown leather will show signs of age and wear sooner, but it can give your look a lot of personality!


Consider what you will carry in your bag and make sure everything will be accessible, stylish and safe. Longer straps will make your legs appear shorter, and a bag that is too wide can make your hips or back look wider as well! If you are planning on wearing your leather bag all year long, choosing adjustable straps is a must, as you will be wearing more layers when it’s cold.


Zippers, zippers, zippers! Although proper closures can be less important for clutches or special occasion bags, everyday bags have to be practical and safe. Consider the type of closure and the number of pockets and openings, especially if you will be wearing your bag on public transport or while travelling.

Make it versatile

A simple leather bag can be transformed with a personalised strap, dressed down or up by adding accessories such as bag hangers or scarves. However, a striking, unique statement piece can also work with multiple outfits!


Copycat designs and cheaply-made knockoffs are a problem for most popular leather bag brands. Only purchase your leather bags through verified, reputable shops and make sure the price tag matches the description! We all love a good bargain, but when it comes to buying leather bags online, it is worth investing in the versatility and durability of genuine leather.

How do I know if a bag is truly leather?

Nowadays, there are hundreds of leather bag styles for ladies and thousands of shops selling leather bags online. However, pictures can deceive you, and as we’ve said, there are knockoffs everywhere! If you cannot touch and, honestly, smell the leather by yourself, you can open your package at home and receive a nasty surprise. Before you purchase a leather bag online, we recommend you check the leather bag description carefully and look out for words like “polyester” and materials described as “patent leather” or “vegan leather”.

Once you have received your leather bag, you can do a quick touch test: real leather is soft, grainy, has visible pores, feels warm to the touch and cannot be stretched. If the surface is too soft, feels cold or clammy, is too smooth and has stretch, you probably don’t have a genuine leather bag in your hands. Sorry!

Are you ready to shop for your leather bag online? We have selected a few of our favourites, from brown leather basics to colourful staple pieces. All our genuine leather bags come from the best Italian leather manufacturers, and we are sure they’ll make a perfect addition to any wardrobe! 

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